ENFOSTORE is an E+M-Commerce (electronic + mobile commerce) company provides all services to customer through our Franchisee network. Our franchisees network will be spread up soon, in Rural, Urban and Metro area of entire India.

Key factor of our services

"We are not virtual (pseudo) but we are with you in every corner near by your Home ".


  • ENFOSTORE provides all services to you, by our franchisee network which may locate near your home corner
  • ENFOSTORE is an essential part of the customer's lifestyle and providing them the ability to transact using their respective mobile.
  • ENFOSTORE provides you, Property - Automobile - Use Product, Matrimonial, Employment, Booking, E+M-Commerce Services and E- Commerce Product, Web solution, Software and Customer care services and much more.
  • ENFOSTORE brings to you E+M-Commerce services, the first of its kind. This brings to you simplicity, convenience, easy to use & safe.
  • ENFOSTORE provides you with a secure & convenient channel to link your existing and carry out commerce transactions.


Whenever you want to get services through our franchisees. Then you are entering in the world of ENFOSTORE
Now you will be directly connected with huge data base of ENFOSTORE,

  • Our automatic search, filter and sending SMS, Research Machine activated
  • Research Machine first search according to your requirement then make filter as per your need.
  • Research Machine sends SMS automatically to your mobile number which you mention in your form
  • Research Machine sends SMS of the relevant customer, with their name and number.
  • Research Machine activates and sends you SMS automatically according to your requirement whenever new entry comes


  • ENFOSTORE vision to Link Metros, Cities of Urban areas and villages of Rural areas.
  • ENFOSTORE vision to providing customer's monotones service by Develop franchisee network near customer's home corner in metro, cities and villages
  • ENFOSTORE vision is that to fulfill the customer requirement of each and every thing from our franchisees.
  • ENFOSTORE vision to provide services and product to end user of urban area as well as rural area.
  • ENFOSTORE vision to provide services and product in a similar rate of in a village as well as a ward of a city.


  • ENFOSTORE mission to prevent Indian customer from, broker free, middleman free and mediator free, for any deal either or in a product or in a service.
  • ENFOSTORE mission to get rid of broker's fraud and to get relieve from brokerage charge by our Sale Buy Rent, Matrimony and Employment services.
  • ENFOSTORE mission to make many more option to customer of purchasing or buying of any product and services.
  • ENFOSTORE mission that customer can purchase anything else with their own requirement and choice
  • ENFOSTORE mission that customer can make their deal without publishing their name and address.
  • ENFOSTORE mission that Customer can buy any service or product as per his requirement and budget on his door step.
  • ENFOSTORE mission that Customer can purchase the product or services on company rate with quality and respect from our E+M-Commerce services and product.