ENFOSTORE is an E+M-Commerce (electronic + mobile commerce) company provides all services to customer through our Franchisee network. Our franchisees network will be spread up soon, in Rural, Urban and Metro area of entire India.


  • Employer and Employee both can avail SMS of of all type of Employment related Information, as per his requirement, big company can also access big data of all required candidate on his own login page in search engine.
  • Readymatch details will provide to Employer and employee by SMS on mobile which is register by franchisee.
  • Readymatch complete details, of Employer or Employee who require candidate and employee who are interested, show on your own profile page in report after login.


  • No personal identification exposed, like Name and Phone number.
  • Quick response and Guaranteed response as per your sms pack
  • No fake calls will come because both parties are registered.
  • No search of your requirement, you will get only ''ReadyMatch'' sms & report on your login page
  • Direct company or candidate contact with name and mobile number.
  • Unlimited option is available as per state and district.
  • Employment Requirement Expand in all over India as per criteria.
  • See complete details of Employer or employee according to your SMS pack on your login page in reports
  • Receive 25-50 SMS (As per sms pack) of various company or candidate details which match with your requirement.
  • Send your details to unlimited company or candidates which match your requirement.

Registration Process and Form Filling By Franchisee

  • First you should go to ENFOSTORE franchisee shop
  • Give registration charges to franchisee for Employment service registration as per rate card.
  • Franchisee register you as a ENFOSTORE customer
  • You receive a welcome sms along with your unique customer ID & Password on your mobile
  • Say to Franchisee for allots your specific service of Employment.
  • Franchisee allots Employment service by our online software.
  • You have receive a sms for allot service.
  • You can fill Employment service form, by Franchisee to give your login id and password.
  • Give job details to Franchisee, then franchisee submit the form and got massage of successfully registered on your dashboard

Self Form Filling Process

  • You had all ready received customer id and password on your mobile.
  • Go to our Website ENFOSTORE.COM and click on login option.
  • Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD in login page that has been given by ENFOSTORE
  • ENFOSTORE dashboard appears on your computer screen which shows about your balance and services.
  • Click Employment option.
  • Click on your require Employment service either company or candidate option.
  • Registration form appears on your computer screen, fill and submit it
  • See details of Employment as a company or candidate as per your requirement, through User ID & Password on login page.


  • Whenever you got Employment services through our franchisees. Then you are entering in the world of ENFOSTORE.
  • Now you will be directly connected with huge data base of Employer and employee with Readymatch Research Machine of ENFOSTORE,
  • Readymatch Research Machine automatically search, filter and sending SMS as per your requirement of Employer or Employee .
  • Readymatch Research Machine first search Employer or Employee according to your requirement then make filter as per your requirement.
  • Readymatch Research Machine sends SMS to your mobile number as per your requirement of Employer or Employee automatically.
  • Readymatch Research Machine sends you SMS to your mobile number automatically according to your requirement whenever new entry comes.
  • Readymatch Research Machine Send 25-50 SMS (As per sms pack) of various Employer or Employee details to you which match with your requirement.
  • Readymatch Research Send your details to unlimited Employer or Employee which matches your requirement.