What is Franchisee

Franchisee is a business partner of ENFOSTORE. He has rights to registration of customer. He will always be available near CUSTOMER for CUSTOMER to CUSTOMER.

How I will make Franchisee of ENFOSTORE

A person or enterprise can make franchisee of ENFOSTORE,

  • Contact the mobile no. of ENFOSTORE or send e-mail to info@enfostore.com.
  • ENFOSTORE Representative will contact you soon and register your information.
  • ENFOSTORE Representative will register you as a franchisee of ENFOSTORE.
  • You will get your unique account USER ID and PASSWORD.
  • You will have got the right to register customer.

Work of Franchisee

ENFOSTORE Franchisee can register the customer. There are two type of process for register a customer .first one is online registration and second is telephonic registration. The work of franchisee is same but the process of registration is different and the process is as –

  • Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD in login page that has been given by ENFOSTORE.
  • ENFOSTORE dashboard appear on your computer screen
  • Click Customer registration option.
  • Customer registration form appears on your computer screen, fill and submit it.
  • Select any service which CUSTOMER requires, ON ALLOTE SERVICE OPTION.
  • Fill the complete deal form according to your customer requirement.
  • A Popup appear on screen of services charges.
  • Please collect the service charges from customer.
  • Enter your secret code which you got in your own mobile number and submit the popup form.
  • You got the SMS of your balance then deal is complete.
  • Franchisee will call to ENFOSTORE CALL CENTER for customer registration.
  • Tell your id and password to call center agent that has been already received on your mobile.
  • Tell information of Customer to the agent.
  • Tell the selected Deal information about services of customer to the agent.
  • Completion of entire customer registration form, you have got secret code on your mobile by SMS.
  • Tell the secret code to the agent
  • Collect the money from customer then you got message of your balance. And the deal is complete.

Who will make Franchisee?

  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee must have a shop (own or rented) in any ward of a town or shop (own or rented) in village should make franchisee and he can start the business.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee has Good communication skills and knowledge of customer behavior.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee has basic knowledge of computer. For online registration process.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee has good convincing power and positive attitude.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee should make little investment for ENFOSTORE.

You should make the Franchisee of ENFOSTORE if you fulfill the above criteria You have completed the parameters of ENFOSTORE contact us soon. Your delay is big loss of your future.

  • ENFOSTORE criteria for making franchisee is depend on availability of franchisee in your selected area.
  • ENFOSTORE franchisee is available in your selected area then you are not eligible for franchisee ship in your selected area.
  • ENFOSTORE make franchisee in urban as well as rural are simultaneously. That's depending on population and number of ward in a city as well as a village.

Franchisee must have a shop (own or rented) in any ward of a town or shop in village

  • Online user franchisee - Franchisee should have a PC, Laptop or Tablet with internet connectivity, Digital camera or mobile handset with camera.
  • Telephonic user franchisee - Franchisee should have a mobile phone.

Franchisee must have a shop (own or rented) in any ward of a town or shop in village

  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee's, Financial and Social worth will be increase from other business owner.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee shop will convert like a corporate office.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee owner has developed in a corporate culture.
  • ENFOSTORE is expanding, Franchisees business will be expanding.
  • ENFOSTORE Franchisee will grown up speedily whenever all services of ENFOSTORE will be start, then customer has grown up as well as turnover.
  • ENFOSTORE do the best for start it's all services soon.